If you are in the process of setting up a Free School, MMA Education can help. From a one-off flier or poster, to a full marketing and sustainability strategy, contact us to talk it through.

Reinforcing brand identity

Sometimes schools are too relaxed with the use of their logo, brand colours, tag-line, and even with their mission statement. While these errors may seem harmless, over time they might give people the wrong impression of your school.

Your brand defines who you are and it should set your free school apart from your competition. It can be hard for parents to differentiate one school from another in a highly competitive market and this is where consistent branding can help your school succeed. Your logo, colour scheme, fonts, etc. should all be unique to your brand, and the narrative that defines your brand’s promise should be consistent across all your marketing materials.

When your audience sees and hears a consistent message from your school, it reinforces your brand in their minds. By knowing what they can expect from your brand, and hearing it multiple times, they will associate a higher value and trust in your school—and it also shows that you take your school seriously.

Brand Consistency Across All Materials

“From our first meeting with MMA Education we
knew that we wanted to work with them.
Their insight into what we stand for,
along with their creativity,ensured that we
were given a superb product.”